Tuesday, October 18


Tuesday, October 18

If there is one brand that combines functionality and style, it would be Fjällräven.
Hailing from Sweden, this brand strives to produce durable, timeless and innovative outdoor equipment.

One of their most popular products is their Kanken backpack, which was originally designed for children to improve their body posture. Made out of vinylon material, the Kanken is water proof, light weight and comes with plenty of space for your every day needs. It is no wonder that it has been a favourite of both children and adults! So much so that its popularity has recently spread from Sweden to America, Europe and Asia.

Durable, functional and with many colours to choose from, these casual wear bags are simply perfect for every day use.
Here are 3 casual looks I have styled for 3 Fjallraven Kanken bags!

FJALLRAVEN KANKEN Sunflower Yellow Re-Kanken backpack
ZALORA floral dress & sneakers, DOROTHY PERKINS pom pom keychain, TOPSHOP hat

An absolute favourite outfit of mine is the dress and sneakers combo. Floral is a timeless pattern that goes with any season but floral prints on a black background are especially fitting for this Fall season! It is always fun to play around with the juxtaposition of a feminine dress, edgy accessories and a pair of casual sneakers. Add a bright pop of colour to your look with your Kanken Backpack and you are good to go!
(Fun fact: this Re-Kanken backpack is made from recycled plastic! Eco friendly AND cute!!)


   FJALLRAVEN KANKEN Dark Garnet Pocket bag
TOPSHOP cardigan, crop top, skirt & cap, DR MARTENS boots

This cosy outfit is a prime example for a chill movie date with your sweetheart and/or your best friends! When it comes to casual outfits, it is all about adding texture and dimension to your look. Pair a mesh crop top, a faux leather skirt and some chunky boots together for an effortlessly cool outfit. To combat the oversized fit, strategically roll up the cardigan sleeves to give more shape to your look. Toss your essential items into your maroon Pocket sling bag and don't forget to apply that gorgeous wine red lipstick to match! 

FJALLRAVEN KANKEN Navy Gear Pocket pouch
TOPSHOP Peach top, moto jeans & egg on toast pin, MDSCOLLECTIONS flats

Bomber jackets are a huge trend right now and it is perfect for this laid back yet super chic ensemble. Graphic tees with a cute embroidered design or a cheeky saying are a great way to spice up any basic look. Shimmy into a pair of classic black denim jeans and some lace-up flats for maximum comfort to go about with your daily activities. Bring along this Gear Pocket pouch to keep your phone, keys, lipstick for touch ups and a mini planner with you at all times!

Whether you are on a romantic date, hanging out with your best buds, using it for school, work, traveling or going on a camping trip, the possibilities of styling Fjallraven Kanken bags are endless!

Tuesday, June 7


Tuesday, June 7

I never thought I would say this but I have officially caught the sneakers bug! If you have been around my blog long enough, you would know I love my sky high platform shoes, but I can't deny the comfort sneakers give. As the sports luxe and athleisure trends are featured all over social media, strutting down the runaway and the streets, this choice of footwear is quickly sneaking into everyone's wardrobe. With sports shoes like the Nike Roshe One, you can go about your day in comfort AND with style.
Nike roshe one
ZALORA dress, FOSSIL 'SYDNEY' bag, NEW LOOK 'Chic' top
RIVER ISLAND tee, TOPSHOP denim skirt, NEW LOOK fringe bag

I love the fact that these sports shoes pair so well with feminine silhouettes like a dress. Such outfit combinations takes your sophisticated Little Black Dress to a whole other level. It is always fun to juxtapose and play around with various clothing pieces while, at the same time, keeping things fresh and trendy!

Wearing sports shoes does not mean you will lose touch of your girly side or compromise your style. Combining an ensemble consisting of pastel hues with the sleek, all white Roshe One sneakers is a great way to change up an otherwise tomboy-ish look. Throw on a dusty pink bomber jacket to add some 90s vibes and you are instantly all glammed up!

Another full-proof outfit is to go laid back and casual by putting together a graphic tee and denim combo! For an added punch of edginess, a flannel or parka just go hand in hand with this outfit. Even if your outerwear is not worn on, having it tied on the waist would make your outfit effortlessly cool.

So, what are you waiting for? Swap your heels for a pair of these sneakers for an instant sporty yet chic appeal!

Tuesday, March 29


Tuesday, March 29

Believe it or not, your fashion style is written in the stars! Just like how your horoscope affects your personality, it is possible that your sartorial choices actually reflect your astrological sign. Even if you don't read about your daily horoscope, it is always great to gain some cosmic insight to interesting things like what is your best colour to dress in or the best accessory to complete your outfit!

And speaking of accessories, my number one choice would be a statement watch. It goes without saying that watches add charm and style to any outfit. You instantly look more put together and you will definitely be on time for your important date, class or meetings! Be sure to check out these designer watches and see which watch suits your horoscope!

LADIES NIGHT - TOPSHOP top & denim skirt / NEW LOOK bracelet / RIVER ISLAND rings / ZALORA loafers 

This Moneypenny watch by Komono is perfect for a Leo like me because of its unique design and the stunning all-gold colour. Not only being a classic colour for watches, gold is also very reminiscent of a majestic lion's luscious mane. It is such a versatile and timeless (pun intended) piece that I styled 3 different outfits around this watch.

Leos are said to be the drama queen of the star signs. Known to be fearless and natural leaders, Leos are always up for any challenges - even when it comes to dressing up. Being a fire sign, the best colour scheme for Leos are just like the radiant sun itself - gold, red, orange and yellow. Bold, eccentric prints and bright, dramatic colours are a norm in any Leos' wardrobe and you should not expect anything less!

So, whether it is just a casual t-shirt and shorts combo, or a sexy V-neck top, or even a formal get up, you can bet a Leo is going to be dressed to impress! Finish off your outfit with a statement gold watch, some accessories of the same tone to match and you are ready to be a show-stopper no matter what the occasion is!