Friday, July 1

So baby won't you let it go?

Friday, July 1

Thrifted asymmetrical knitted pullover fleamarket,
Dreamcatcher necklace
Alex Perry for Diva,
Polka dotted dress
Cotton On, Janie Brogues Rubi

Perfect knitted pullover on a perfect cold rainy day! But the sad thing is, the very next day after this outing, some idiot stole this polka dot dress while it was left outside to dry!! I'm still mourning over this loss! :'(

Yet another short outfit post! Sorry.. I'm still working on lots of things for this blog at the moment.. I've been taking loads of photos & having all sorts of adventures, it's hard to figure out what to do first! A proper post will be posted soon, I promise. Pretty excited for everything to fall into place!


  1. You are adorable and I love your style. xx

  2. Hello there, Victoria! Thanks so much for your comment, sweetie!! <3 <3


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