Tuesday, January 22


Tuesday, January 22
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Wide brim hat, Topshop / Leatherette dress, c/o Invincible Charade / Leather jacket, Editor's Market / Shades and Velvet boots, H&M / 
Sequined elephant bag, Phuket / Choker, Taobao / Rings - Diva and H&M

While trying to find shelter from the rain we have been getting a lot lately and a new place to take photos at, I came across this little garden in my neighbourhood! As my black outfit stood out prominently against the colourful background, I thought it would be appropriate to name it after a black flower. Immediately, 'Black Dahlia' came to mind as the flower is a very deep wine red.
So yeah, check it out, guys, my outfit is black and burgundy. Bam. Black Dahlia.

Can I just say how amazing this leather dress is? If you look closely, the material is perforated so, it's definitely an interesting twist to the usual Little Black Dress! Also, I'm a huge fan of anything leather, so this cute dress is definitely an A+ in my book. And since there was so much going on with my badass studded jacket, I decided to keep my accessories simple with just a choker and a mini sequined bag.

What are you waiting for? This lovely dress and a wide variety of clothes, bags and accessories are waiting for you at


  1. Dayum rain is better than snow though :'P black<3 you look mighty fine love<3!! & that bag is the cutest thing ever :3

    1. Ah yeah, that's true.. Hope you are staying warm and cosy! I have been enjoying the lovely rainy weather here but only if I am all huddled up in my bed. And thank you, sweetheart! ♡

  2. Love a good black on black on black outfit, and your velvet boots look so cool!
    Ah wish I could find a cute little garden like that! x

  3. this outfit is just perfect i can't

    leather >
    and also your eyeball ring >

  4. You look amazing, love the leather jacket!



  5. you look mysterious in that outfit <3 very lovely

  6. looking good as usual ;)
    i love how you always have the coolest accessories!
    <3 your bag in this outfit

    steph xxxx


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