Sunday, July 21


Sunday, July 21
Skeleton tank, Supre / Sheer cardigan, Fabric Devour / Bag & Cross necklace, This Is Transition
Leather shorts, flea market / Spiked headband worn as choker, Topshop / Rings - Diva, thrifted 

There are days where I actually put in some thought about what is going onto my body. And some days where my brain doesn't want to function at all (getting out of bed for 9 am classes ugh do ya feel me?). So, I (most probably still half asleep) would put together whatever I first see in my closet. This usually backfires on me as I don't have any magical outfit creating powers or any pre-planned outfits stocked up in my closet (which I really should start doing). Most of the time, I end up looking too casual for my liking. My solution? Outwear! It's not the first time that this sheer cardigan has saved me from looking too simple. Got a witchy vibe going on too, which I totally dig. 


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    1. ahhh you made my day!! ♡ thank you, you are too sweet.

  2. That shirt is the best, and love the second photo! also, was the linked ring thrifted?

    Lillian from The Rustyhead

    1. thank you so much, lillian! ♡ and nope, i got it from an online shop but the owner doesn't seem to be selling anymore so i didn't state it! sorry!

  3. your accessories and cardigan. Love them so much! <3 <3


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