Monday, December 30


Monday, December 30

2013 in pixelated snippets: it is my final year of college / went to a grimes concert and met her (still freaking out!!!) / lovely adventures with my friends / i think i fulfilled my horror movie quota for the year / attempted to up my #ootd game / lots of quality time spent rolling on the floor with my precious shih tzu / halloween-ed as strippers / hilarious late night minecrafting / whoa i actually got into the walking dead / recent family trip to krabi, river safari & aquarium
and i fell in love (✿>◡<)

pretty sure everyone else is saying this but wow, it's crazy how fast time flew by this year. 2013, you have been really good to me. despite all the ups and downs, everything worked out in the end. i am grateful for all of my lovely friends who always made me laugh and were there for me no matter what. and jon - i don't know how i got so lucky to have you in my life. ♡ 

i know i have been the worst blogger ever this year. definitely gonna try my best to update properly. look out for upcoming outfit posts and my holiday adventures soon! but just in case you think i am dead over here, (fret not, i am alive) you can see a semi daily dose of my life on instagram @cherylsaurus lets be friends, y'all!

how was 2013 for you? i hope everyone who's reading this had a great one! if not, don't worry, 2014 will be awesome.


  1. Looks like you had a great year! Hope it's the same for 2014!

  2. your style is perfect as well as your whole blog! fanned <3


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