Wednesday, November 12


Wednesday, November 12

she's an absolute sweetheart, super stylish and a mega rad babe. 
i also live vicariously through her and her gorgeous mermaid hair. ♡

❀ ☺ ❀ ☺ ❀ ☺ ❀ ☺ ❀ ☺ ❀

Could you tell I love drawing hair? Haha, when I saw a selfie on her instagram, I couldn't help but draw it out! Finally got around to completing it and I really love how it turned out! :'D Ever since I posted my first Babe Alert portrait here, I thought I could make it a section on my blog where I draw some of the loveliest babes I know and feature them since they inspire me a lot! At the same time, this would get me back into the groove of drawing again. I got a bunch of portraits to complete so I hope to update Babe Alert soon! x

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  1. Ugh! Yes!! This is such a good idea! I love seeing everyone's different art styles, and yours is particularly amaaaazzzing!! I have the picture you did of me a whiiiile back on my blog nowwww!! <3 you're really talented, Cheryl! I am not very confident in my drawing skills, but I like to doodle and sketch sometimes. This is gorgeous.


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