Wednesday, July 6

his head was a city of paper buildings

Wednesday, July 6

Cropped top with sheer sleeves thrift store
Green feather collar Diva, Denim high waisted shorts flea market
Cath Kidston floral bag flea market, Asos TASK heels flea market

Got this pair of Asos TASK heels at a flea market for more than half its original which was such a great deal! Still trying to get used to wearing these lovelies because wearing them does hurt.. But it is such an interesting design! (even though there are too much going on on this one shoe!)

Visuals: (1)My poor little princess waiting by the gate because she bathed a few days ago, so I don't want her to get dirty yet. (2)One of my favourite things to take photographs of: sunlight. (3)Sakae sushi's salmon don for dinner on saturday because everyone's glued to the tv as we just got cable! (4)My new knitted pullover which is probably the prettiest one I have because of the lovely gradient colours!

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  1. Great shoes dear! and I really love the top the whole look is very lovely and fresh. x


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