Saturday, July 2


Saturday, July 2

Wolf maxi dress Oakham Market,
Suede fringed bag
and Rainbow dreamcatcher necklace Thrift store,
Beaded beach sandals Celia June

Hype † WOLFGYPSY † on lookbook!

My latest outfit which is really bohemian, along with friendship bracelets, colourful beaded bracelets, Pirates of the Caribbean OPI edition Mermaid Tears on my toe nails and my woven & beaded sandals that have been with me (and still fit thankfully!) for years. And this is the most beautiful bag I have ever bought for myself! And the most expensive too but real suede was used and it was totally handmade by a Native man with only one arm! He also made the dreamcatcher necklace, using feathers from the parrots the tribe owns. And those two parrot feathers are the ones that the shop owner gave to me.


  1. This is lovely. I love your bag and how cool it was made by the main source ( native american culture is beautiful) x

  2. Thank you so much, Victoria! Knowing that it was handmade by a real Native made it 1000x awesome-r! I really love that culture!

  3. your jewelery is just the greatest. lovelove the hippy vibe

  4. Hi :) May i know where is the thrift store located at in singapore? thanks


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