Saturday, July 2

last day of June

Saturday, July 2

Visuals: Took my little fluffy princess out for a walk, saw pretty things along the way like a colourful door mat, a nice pastel green Care Bear towel and lovely plants cascading over the railings, the earrings I talked about from my previous post, the adorable little widdle Won Won, fish tanks, my grandparents' pretty amethyst crystal stone, and my grandfather's collection of beautiful old notes! Remember I was distraught over using my special $20? It was limited edition, I was told and my uncle (he just had to rub it in) said it's definitely worth more than $20 by now! Turns out my grandparents have one and my lovely grandfather gave me his! Soon, he brought out his huge collection of nicely kept old coins and notes! It was great seeing my grandfather so happy and learning new things from him. :)

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