Wednesday, August 3

I took the stars from our eyes

Wednesday, August 3

Galaxy tank top Oakham Market
Asymmetrical sheer skirt Wardrobe Flux
Suede lace-up boots New Look

Two of my favourite things in the universe: nebulae and sheer skirts. One of my favourite all-black assembles, I wore this out a few weeks ago. I think I am starting to have a sheer skirt obsession. The fluidity of the skirt is absolutely beautiful!

✳☁✩HYPE {I took the stars from our eyes} ON LOOKBOOK!✩☁✳

School has started and so far I have been feeling tired - Mondays and Tuesdays are long days because I have lectures that ends at 7pm and the long breaks before it are ridiculous! I hope I can cope well with the workload after this lazy first week of school! Tomorrow's just a potluck party at 3pm so it feels like it's friday already!


  1. prettystellar: aw thank you!!!! i am so happy to hear that!! xx ♥

  2. found your blog off lookbook and i'm now completely in love with it!
    love all your posts :D
    and followed on bloglovin and google hehe

    keep it up lovely! :)


    the weekend project.

  3. j: hello there, sweetie!!! thank you for your lovely comment! you really made my night! thank you, it's really nice to hear that!! :) thank you for the support!!!!! xx

  4. awe no worries at all, i'm so glad i made your night! hehe
    cant wait to see more! :)
    and thank you right back for your support! :D

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE You are so cute!! xx

  6. J: yes yes you definitely did made my night!! yea i hope i can continue to put up good stuff for you to read and see!! :) no problem, hon! x

    Victoria: Awwww thank you so so much, lovely!!!! I am extremely happy to hear that!

  7. Twee: thank you sweetie!!! i am glad you like this outfit and the photos!


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