Sunday, October 16

"Owl" always love you

Sunday, October 16

owl tank top The Denim Store, sheer oversized cardigan Fabric Devour,
leather zip up shorts and triangle clutch flea market,
jeffrey campbell oxford wedges, necklaces AMEN.

Rings: chained ring + bronze raven skull + quartz cluster

Isn't this sheer cardigan simply beautiful? The way it flows with the wind... just magical. I am definitely going to experiment around with this cardigan! Details of the leather shorts that I got for $10 from a flea market!
Fifi says HI!

And here is a creepy photo - I am somewhat translucent! Hehehe. Anyway, I have been having nonstop crazy hectic weeks of school lately. My assessment is coming up in a few weeks and I still got 2 and a half projects to do! Yikes! I am really trying not to freak out and stay calm.. So I may not be able to update a lot but do keep watch on Wolfgyspy! I am expecially excited to post about my photo shoot!
Until then, stay safe, be happy and god bless! xxx Cheryl


  1. WOW you could put someone's eye out with your crystal ring ok. and i wanna steal your dog AHHHHHH SHE(he?) IS SO KAWAII xxx

  2. i want those shortss!! they look so good especially with that sheer top!
    good luck with everything coming your way cheryl lovely!

    jessie x
    the weekend project.

  3. couturing: Hello there, darling!! And thank you so much, I am so glad you think so! :) <3

    jackie: HAHAHA YEAH IKR. I love my crystal quartz rings. They are deadly and beautiful! ;) Haha my dog's name is Fifiiiiii! :>

    jessie: I knoooow, those shorts are so lovely! My first leather shorts ever! Thank you, sweetie!! I hope you are doing fine yourself too, hon!


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