Sunday, October 23

❄all ready for the winter❅

Sunday, October 23
❅ the cutest little sparrow with its cute little winter hat ❅

This is my woodcut for my printmaking elective so far! It's difficult to carve on wood but it is quite easy once you get the hang of it! When I am done with this, I get to put ink on it and make prints of this sweet little sparrow which I got the idea from a flickr image! I can't wait to see how that turns out. And after my woodcut project, I have a linocut project - exactly like the woodcut but on a sheet of linoleum instead.

My weekend so far has been quite hectic. Today, I had to bring poor little Fifi to the vet because something serious happened :( Everything is alright now but I am still very worried about her because she's not entirely okay yet. My little baby... So, I never got to do much since the few hours of painting that I did on friday evening. It's currently sunday morning 5:57am and I doubt I will be sleeping until I have cut out all photos from the print outs for my sketchbook! Well, I'm not really tired since I somehow fell asleep at 8pm while watching my sims on sims social repair her computer. I woke up at midnight, watched Animal Planet & Psych until 3 am. I am such a night owl.
Good day, my dear little wolves! Stay safe and happy! xxx Cherylsaurus


  1. yeah and you only went to sleep at 6.30 right ahahaha tsk you unhealthy child with your unhealthy sleeping habits!! i hope Fifi gets well quickly :( xxx

  2. keep doing ur things..
    follow each other?

  3. Jackie: HAHAHA NO I SLEPT AT 9:30AM OR LATER MUAHAHAHA. IKR super unhealthy arghhh but I'm used to it already! I will try to sleep earlier soon.. Assessment is coming up; I am really scared :(

    Ihamo: Hello dear!!! Thank you!! And I have been following you a long time ago already ~ ^_^


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