Thursday, October 27

and she spoke words of wisdom

Thursday, October 27
It's currently 5:35 am and it just started raining heavily. Yes, the perfect weather to sleep in. I have school at 9 am later on and I am still up. Oh, the life of a full time art student! Hopefully I can collect two items later on today and I'm planning to do some diy in school. I got truckloads to do for painting, drawing and my elective as assessment is getting closer and closer. I am really starting to feel the stress about everything. I'm so disappointed with myself for sleeping most of the day away but, as my friend said, at least I got lots of rest! Well, I got my sketches on my canvas done and sorted out what I should do so I should be okay. I just wish there aren't any classes so I can finish up on everything as soon as possible. And I would like to have a huge pet tiger to ride on to go to school.
That would be so badass. x


  1. That's gorgeous!
    You have amazing talent my dear!
    Please cheer up and I love you lots all the way from Australia (: <3
    Good luck in everything and be positive okay! xo

  2. that title <3 LOVE tdcc ;)
    Fabulous blog!
    definitely followed :)
    I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog for accessories worth $100 right now, so I'd really hope you'd give it a look right here!!



  3. Willabelle: Hello there sweetheart! Thank you for your lovely comment! Aw psssh your art is really good too! And thanks, I will cheer up. (your comment cheered me up!) I will persevere and stay positive. Looove you~

    Rachel: HEHEHE I KNOW! I LOVE TDCC TOO!!!! & Thank you darling! I'm so happy to hear that! And yes, I joined your giveaway! Fingers crossed for me! :>


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