Tuesday, November 1

she spoke words that would melt in your hands

Tuesday, November 1

spiked headband and socks Topshop, tank top Emily Strange,
leather zip up shorts, biker jacket, shades thrifted, oxford wedges Jeffrey Campbell

The cutest pair of socks EVER, paired with my JCampbells!
And I am in love with this headband even though most of my schoolmates joked that I looked like the Statue of Liberty. Noooo I don't! :( Maybe the spikes are way too oversized. Anyway, I still love it. It definitely made my outfit a lot edgier. Along with my Emily Strange tank top that I got years ago when I was going through my tomboy phase and all that leather........ ☂☂☂

Happy Halloween everyone! I didn't exactly get to celebrate it this year because I am swamped with work! Brought my cat ears to school yesterday and on saturday, I was supposed to dress up and go clubbing with two friends but I got sick and felt too guilty if I went out. Caught up on my work recently but I still got lots to do. I'm constantly worried because of the amount of work I need to do and the amount of time left but I am not losing faith! Can't wait until assessment is over! 'Til then, I might not be able to update much but I will be back!

Stay safe and happy, little wolves! xx Cheryl


  1. I LOVE THE SOCKS. is fifi better???????

  2. you look amazingggg, that headband is so cool! :D

    good luck with all your work cheryl lovely, stay strong! <3
    all the best, jessie x
    the weekend project.

  3. Couturing: Thank you, sweeteheart!!! I am so happy to hear that!!! <3

    Jackie: Thanks hon!!! It was tooo cute to NOT buy them!! And Fifi is much better now! Thanks for your concern!! <333

    Jessie: Aww thank you, sweetie pie! Your comments are always so lovely, like you! Lots of work to do but yep I am staying strong! :) x

  4. Wends: Hahaha yeah Fifi tends to look like she's smiling at times! :D

    Uli: Hello dear!! And thank you!! It was only $10!! *__*


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