Sunday, October 9

❀ tigerlily ❀

Sunday, October 9

I love tigers. When I was young, I wanted to be a tiger when I grow up! Well, I still do. Tigers are such amazing and beautiful creatures. Who wouldn't want to be a tiger?? Oh, how I wish I was that guy on the National Geographic show who gets to hang out with tigers and lions all day long. I want to play, cuddle and sleep with them. And yes, I do have a thing for albino animals.

white tiger tee cotton on, floral cath kidston bag flea market,
velvet skirt luscious cravings, jeffrey campbell oxford wedges
AMEN quartz & little dröm store panther necklaces

A simple outfit that I wore to school last week. Floral bag that is capable of storing up quite a lot of things and a $5 tiger shirt I instantly got from Cotton On years ago. And I got this amazing velvet skirt from my lovely friend Agnes' stall at the recent FLB7 flea that I visited! It's from her latest collection from her Luscious Cravings site and do check out her site for more wonderful clothes! It is such a lovely material - I can't stop running my hands all over my skirt!

My photographer for the day aka lovely new close friend Jem! I didn't expect it but she readily offered to help me take photos and took such awesome ones too! She's such a sweetheart! She's from my class and is from Manila, Philippines. Nowadays I'm always head over to her space to visit her. We have so much in common (bonus points for her because she likes Zachary Quinto as well!) and always have a great time talking about all sorts of things! I am so grateful to have such a lovely friend in school!

Random visit, hugs, and photos from a few of the Unicorn gang!

Diva and Cheryl noticed I was heading out (to the vending machine) and so they followed!

some stuff on my table. say hello to my little cactus plant Mr Foofie!

Denim vest buddies for the day!

books on chinese art for my art history essay

German chocolate from Nadiah
Esther's artwork! I love it so much especially because it's a tooth and it's sparkley!

Faris visited me at my space the other day so I decided to visit him at his! He got so cute and shy because he didn't know how to act natural after I told him I was going to take a photo hehe.

A few weeks ago, I was telling my friend Beesuan about some sad little story of mine and she was pasting her research into her sketchbook while listening to me. And halfway she unexpectedly made one of her cutouts into a ring and gave it to me to cheer me up! I love this cute little Bee, she made my day!

Jem and her lasagna lunch + cute iphone sticker.
sorry for the lack of updates on this blog! it's been rather hectic lately thanks to an art history essay i had to do. now i have to focus on my art theory presentation, drawing class projects, printmaking etching & woodcut and i have a whoooole lot of paintings to catch up on, which makes me very worried because there's so much to do!! but anyhoo, here are some photos taken at school. minus the part about waking up early for 9 am classes, school has been really fun and everyone has been really lovely. heart to heart talks, impromptu singing sessions, daily hugs and lots of food. life's been pretty good so far! and i hope everyone else has been fine too!
xxx cheryl


  1. what a gorgeous simple outfit, always love a good maxi skirt hehe!
    your art classes look like so much fun :D
    and your friend's hair is amazing! wow!

    you're always working so hard cheryl! best of luck for everything coming up! :)

    jessie x
    the weekend project.

  2. jessie: hello darling! thank you!! i sure am stocking up on lots of maxi skirts lately!!! they are simply a must have!! and haha yeah my school is pretty fun! but i am currently stressing out because there is so much to do with assessment coming up... yikes! and oh, that's my friend with a wig on actually! :)


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