Sunday, January 29

❀ flower wreaths ❀

Sunday, January 29

Keira Ann denim top, This Is Transition Oto Gelb necklace,
thrifted leather shorts & fringed suede bag, The Cobra Shop shades,
Rubi Mary Jane socks, The Last Nocturne cut-out boots

Isn't this Keira Ann top lovely? I simply adore the fact that it's denim with polyester sleeves. With a flower wreath print at the back too! Even my dad gave me a thumbs up for the top and said it was nice! Hard-to-impress-dad approved! And I couldn't help but to wear my cut-out boots along with matching blue socks. It's pretty obvious that I have been living in this pair of boots recently and I have buying all sorts of socks to wear them with! Especially since the design of the socks won't be hidden away!

And presenting.... my faux boyfriend for the day and BFF4EVR: Bryan!
Calvin Klein diy-spiked shirt, Complex Geometries vest, Leather lapel jacket,
Alexander Wang Kirsten Satchel, TheCultLabel cuffs

I love how Bryan's outfits is always so well put-together and different! And it's always super fun to hang out with him. We ended up wandering all over town aimlessly on saturday while catching up on each others' lives. We visited H&M, then got lunch, headed to Takashimaya, Cineleisure and then 313. Aimless wandering are always fun.
We ate at macdonalds because we are cla$$y as fuck.
Bryan brought me to the (kind of) new Lush store! At first, I didn't know what Lush was about, only that it sold awesome shampoo. When I saw the store's logo, I had this amazing flashback and realised I actually visited the main store at London when I was suuuper young! Anyway, before entering the shop, Bryan advised me to harden my heart because there's one salesgirl there who will make you feel like buying anything and everything! HAHAHA Bryan was sold 10 seconds into her sales pitch. And after inquiring about the different types of face masks, toners and soaps, I got myself a facial cleanser!

*~Wonder woman~*
I actually can't believe the amount of walking we did! We walked past Mandarin Gallery at least thrice. At the end of the day, I got caramel sundae & Bry got Hersheys pie from Burger King and together, we braved the crowd and heat at the Scape flea to look for some treasures. I managed to score a velvet maxi skirt! Before heading home, we sat down to laugh at youtube videos and I found out that my suede bag has a stain on it. It still won't come off. My heart is broken forever. :(


  1. ahh your top, love it!
    that necklace is amazing too!
    Krissy xoxo

    1. Oh, thank you so much for the lovely comment, Krissy dear!! Glad you like this outfit! xx

  2. I love the outfit so much, such a style inspiration! Definitely followed you on here and lookbook!


    1. Why hello there, Jessica!!! WOW! Thank you so so much! You made my night! :) X

  3. LOve your blog!! followed you via bloglovin :)


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