Wednesday, February 8

"She had a big heart. Big enough for the both of us."

Wednesday, February 8

RITA: I don't know why exactly but, you make me feel good. Like things could be different.
DEXTER: So do you. Make me feel that way too, I mean.
RITA: I'm glad I called. I felt up in the air with the way things ended. Like we never said a proper goodbye. So...

DEXTER: Good bye, Rita Bennet.
RITA: Good bye, Dexter Morgan.

"Good bye. I'm sorry."

So, I spent the other night practically bawling my eyes out because Rita, one of my favourite Dexter characters, died. They also did a tribute episode for her, had flashbacks of their first date (pictures #1-3. #4 was after her death & the flashback), there were meaningful quotes (which made everything a whole lot sadder) and they kept using this sad song. It was very bittersweet and my eyes were swollen the next morning.

The last time this happened to me was a few years ago, during Desperate Housewives 5 when Edie died. But it wasn't even THIS BAD. I was crying loudly into my towel - that was how bad it was. Like, if I could cry out loud when I was watching the last Harry Potter movie for the first time, that was how badly I was crying for Rita. I always get too attached to tv show characters.. Even knowing she was going to get killed beforehand didn't help at all. It was just so sad. But I actually felt better after crying. I guess it's because I have been feeling down recently and I think I really needed to let my emotions all out and just cry. ...I miss Rita.(;へ:)

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