Friday, February 24

where the horizon and the roof tops meet

Friday, February 24
Toxic Codeine velvet dress, Fabric Devour oversized sheer cardigan,
The Cobra Shop Almost Famous, thrifted dreamcatcher necklace & suede fringe bag,
This Is Transition Oto Gelb necklace, Jeffrey Campbell oxford wedges

Me, Diva and David decided to dress up real fancy to "intimidate the newcomers" at my school's Open House last month (yes, this blog post is that late!). After that, we headed to town. I was way too excited to wear my velvet dress that I got from Jackie's new online shop TOXIC CODEINE! It is such a lovely and beautiful dress!!! And it is so nice to touchhhh ~ hehehe I had to resist running my hands all my dress while I was at town. I wore my sheer cardigan with my dress and I was so happy, prancing about town looking like a gypsy.

I am really in love the shade of blue. Such a nice jewel tone. It reminded me of an Owl City song.
"And I am the blue in your back alley view where the horizon and the rooftops meet."

Check out the hot photobomber in my photos. Hot like sambal chilli.
There was a few nice exhibits at my school during the Open House.
Me & David wanted to steal the sweaters, heh.
David, Douchebag LEVEL 100, with that pose and a H&M varsity jacket ahaha
More fooling around at H&M, checking out clothes

We visited H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch, played a Guess The Pokemon game at macdonalds. Then, we waltzed into branded shops like YSL & Prada and acted like we had the money to buy everything and that $2,390 was no big deal (more like, $23.90! "Mere pocket change, darling!"). David was down to his last million though and we were trying to find the nicest wallet. It was such a great day! x


  1. love your velvet dress, so pretty!
    gorgeous shoes! i want them hehe!
    Krissy xoxo

    1. Aw, thank you so much for your sweet comment, Krissy dearest!!! x

  2. Love your style that dress is perfect!


    1. Aw why thank you so much, Kelsey!!! I am very happy to hear that! :)

  3. HeyLo :) what openhouse it that for? What are you studying as and what are you planning to do in future? I'm in JC but am alway lost and drifting about what I want to do for the future. It is sad when I can't find meaning to this endless entourage of studying and reading notes. Well, hope your life's way more awesome than mine is! Sorry if I'm asking anything that you have covered in your blog, just came upon it, and just excited to see a Singaporean blog around. By the way, nice outfit! Keep the style, have a great life : )

    1. Hello!!! Sorry I took so long to reply you.

      It was an open house for my school - Lasalle College of the Arts! I'm currently in my first year of my Fine Arts Painting major. Haha about what I want to do in the future... I am quite clueless myself! So I totaaaally know how you feel!! I just keep thinking I would "get there" when I get there. Like, I would somehow figure things out and know what my calling is ..when the time is right. It's not the best way of thinking but well, I have 2-3 years more until I graduate so... I hope I figure things out then!

      I have some friends who actually came from JCs or Polys! They just didn't like the idea of studying what they were studying or couldn't understand their course etc. Some have always preferred art so they decided to change schools and join Lasalle. Maybe you should spend some time thinking about what you REALLY want? What you are passionate about! It would be such a waste to keep doing something you don't like, I feel. That's why, instead of going to a poly, I joined Lasalle. Because Art is something I really enjoy doing, despite the workload and stress!

      And no no, it's totally fine that you asked such a question! I was very happy to receive such a comment actually! :) Haha nah, life for me isn't that awesome but I try to make it exciting as much as I can! :D I am super glad to hear that you were excited to find my blog!!! It means a lot to me! And thank youuu!

      I hope you "find yourself" and figure things out soon too! Let me know okay! ^__^

  4. amazing photos!! amzing style!! amazing blog!!
    we are your newest fans!!
    Mitsue & Lay


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