Sunday, May 6


Sunday, May 6
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You have no idea how long I have been waiting for the Avengers movie. If you don't already know, I have been a huge Robert Downey Jr & Chris Evans fan for a long time now. HECK, I ALREADY NAMED OUR CHILDREN!! God knows how many times I've watched Iron Man (and any other RDJ-related movie) and I love Captain America a lot. I knew Avengers was going to be just as kickass ...or maybe even better! And seriously, Avengers did not disappoint. There was a whole lot of action and the right amount of humour! And daaaamn, the fighting scenes were so sexy. I don't really know how to explain it but I'm a sucker for really awesome fighting scenes that involves sexy electronic sounds* (see end of post). I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole movie. We got such great centre seats and the 3D IMAX screen was so huuuge - it made me feel like I could just lean into the screen and kiss my darlings. Halfway through the movie, I stopped and thought to myself, "Whoa technology is so great now. Look at that. How is that even possible! Everything looks so real!!" Now, it feels weird that I've watched it. I have been waiting for so long for this movie and now, it is 'over'. It's Deathly Hallows 2 all over again. Just that there is a huge possible Avengers sequel and Iron Man 3 is out next year! Until then, I guess I can ...rewatch Avengers and other RDJ movies over again and again to bury the sadness.

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VISUALS: me and my lovely friends before the movie, free popcorn for us, after-movie snapshots, a pretty gelato shop, our lunch at a small jap stall, the cute & shy Denise trying out a beanie, pretty Venus flytrap that I wanted to buy but it's sadly more than $100, our dessert stop at Häagen-Dazs, pies + cupcakes and a really awesome conversation about all sorts of things at Starbucks until 11pm!

*hahaha the best example of "sexy electronic sounds" is at 2:00 onwards of this Transformer trailer:

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  1. yesyesyesyesyes the second gif! hahaha i was so mindblown every other second my brain threw a huge fart as i left the cinema ughhh overwhelmed. two words: CHRIS EVANS <3

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