Wednesday, May 2


Wednesday, May 2
2 weeks ago, my life was a hectic mess. And here's me in an appropriate shirt.
All I could think about was completing my work for my assessment. I hardly had the time to sleep. Work first, sleep more work second. Sleep was totally out of the option!! Assessment was on monday morning and me & my friends stayed over at school on sunday night! It was pretty fun at first. People were dancing to music, laughing, watching weird videos of not-so-sexy people dancing seductively at a beach, chatting. Then things mellowed down, people went home, and it got quieter. And warmer too - the aircon got turned off and it got annoyingly stuffy in the studio. Then we started to feel delirious from the lack of sleep from the past few days. It felt weird because time was crawling. We kept exclaiming, "WTF!? It's not even 3 am yet!!?! What is going onnnnn?" 

We visited each other's space to check on how things were going, to cheer each other on, and to stay awake. Ghost stories were told too! It was nice - all of this togetherness. It was like we are all in this together, like High School Musical minus the constant singing. It was cosy; I liked it. My friends helped me out soooo much that I don't have the right words to express my gratitude! I feel really proud of my work this semester too! :)

Photobucket Photobucket 
Self Proposed project 
Series of paintings that explore on to how to evoke different emotions with oil paint manipulation

Text As Image 
How Disney princesses aren't the best role models & how the text completely changes how you feel about them.
(C'mon, admit it, Ariel was quite a slut. But I still love her!!)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Found Object / Cabinets of Curiosities
  • Web of memories - made to look like a spider web/dreamcatcher - not so literal cabinet!
  • Falling - Suspended bottles. To express on how things are being thrown away so easily nowadays.
  • Antlers - I got this cool branch nailed to a mirror on the wall. The mirror act as a not so literal cabinet
  • Film - Playing around with the idea of the instinct of putting negatives up against a light to look at them, I sew negatives together and glued into a hole of a door. It looks like a polaroid at the same time.

And finally, assessment was over. We sleepily got a cab and collapsed into a deep 8 hour coma. Then we had to go back to school to pack up and collect our stuff. We were all tired but glad that this is over. Now, time to enjoy our 3 month long holidaaaaaay ~ 

WHEEEE I'm watching Avengers with my friends tomorrow later on! The whole imax theatre to ourselves!!!! I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT. And definitely need to go to sleep now - it's 4:35 am. (ugh, I know, it's the holidays and yet, I am still up so late. I don't know what I am doing with my holidays!!) We are gonna go shop a little too afterwards~ 

And why hello there, Ben, who's been stalking my blog, and waiting for me to finish writing this so he can go to sleep. 
Awww ♥ See you tomorrow. 


  1. aww it looks like youve been through hell with stress!!! nice work tho :) enjoy the avengers!

    1. It's my first time being so tired and stressed for school!! So happy it's over and done with! Thanks sweetheart!! :) x


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