Monday, June 11

The world is black and hearts are cold

Monday, June 11

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Black top & tribal shorts, Cotton On / Leather vest, Mom's / Jemma-lookalikes, Taobao 
 Necklaces, bracelet, borite ring, Amen / rings, Forever21 & thrifted

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But the world is black and hearts are cold. And there's no hope, that's what we're told.
And we can't go back. It won't be the same, forever changed by the things we've seen.

An all black outfit. Somewhat soft-grunge or punk-ish, with the leather, boots, crosses and studs.
This song was stuck in my head when I was putting this little outfit together.

Wow. This song sure brings back so many memories. Memories of a very excited 12 year old me purchasing my first Good Charlotte cd which was The Chronicles of Life & Death album. And more memories of me jumping around my room, holding my walkman in one hand, the other hand clenched up as if I'm holding a microphone, singing this song as if I am part of the GC band. I knew the lyrics all by heart, I loved the drawings for lyric book, I have watched all their videos, I decorated my school books with lyrics and phrases. I even wanted to be Billy Martin's girlfriend. ♡

Awwww, come on!! He was so adorable during his emo punk days. And he's even hotter now!! His drawing style is super awesome too!


  1. This look is amazing!!! Love the shorts- pattern is super cool! Glad I found your blog on LookBook, would be lovely if you could check out mine:)

    1. Aw thank you so much for visiting my blog, Elena!! ♡ I really appreciate it and of course I will check your blog out! :)

  2. Love love love your style!
    Great blog - I'm now following :)
    Hannah xo

    1. Aww wow thank you so so much, Hannah!!! I really appreciate your kind words :) ♡
      Thank you for following!!

  3. Absolutely love everything about this outfit! Definitely following, can't wait for more outfit posts!

    Samma x


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