Saturday, February 23


Saturday, February 23
 photo DSC06214small_zpsa49b9bf2.jpg  photo DSC06256small_zpsd18d06eb.jpg  photo DSC06244small_zpscb3683c4.jpg  photo DSC06226aa22sm680_zps9ed30c77.jpg  photo DSC06231small_zpsb435af93.jpg  photo DSC06217small_zpsc94d2d91.jpg  photo DSC06245small_zpsbe9c0c3b.jpg  photo DSC06255small_zps82f29561.jpg  photo DSC06304small_zps2c0889d9.jpg  photo DSC06241small_zps3e4ac685.jpg  photo DSC06301small_zps8e0af884.jpg  photo DSC06319small_zpse621491b.jpg
STAY UGLY tee c/o Shop Acid / Jeslynn's camo jacket / Velvet skirt, Editor's Market
Ankh necklace, Diva / Mambo backpack, parents' / Coltrane-esque boots, online 

Just how freaking rad is this STAY UGLY tee? It reminded me of that song from the movie Bring It On so thus, my blog title. And ugh, the grimey/melting 'font' that the words are written in? Perfect. (It even matches my blog and tumblr header!) This top is a basic with an edge. It looks absolutely rad with just about anything! Head on over to SHOP ACID because they have a lot more awesome stuff!

And sorry for the mini spam of photos today. Just in case you guys forgot how I look like after not posting a proper outfit post for almost a month... Sigh I have been super crazy busy with school work, projects and panicking over my critique session (it went well surprisingly!). Plus it's been raining a lot sigh ~*fashun blarger problumz*~ and there was Chinese New Year recently. I am just extremely exhausted every day. But I'm glad it finally stopped raining every day so I could take these photos! SO EXCITED that I have a week off from school next week so I can SLEEP sort out my school work, essay and blog more outfit posts soon!! I hope February have been treating you guys well!! ♡ 


  1. i'm digging your shirt and camo jacket! swaggy! ^_^

  2. love the outfit it's cute and cool at the same time :)
    and great shoes!



  3. Love the colour of your skirt, and the shirt is amazing!

  4. Love the skirt and the top as well!

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