Sunday, March 17


Sunday, March 17

Sorry for the pixelated pic spam but...
YES, THAT IS THE ONE AND ONLY, AMAZING CLAIRE BOUCHER. YES, I GOT TO SEE HER LIVE! Asdgfkg I have been in love with her & her music since 2011 - seeing her live has been on my wishlist since then!! It's been a week but I am still reeling in shock that I actually went to her show. She was absolutely magical, amazing, beautiful and adorable! Best night of 2013 so far.

 photo DSC06616aa2_zpsbfff5c8d.jpg  photo DSC06618aa2_zps05b65a4b.jpg  photo DSC06621a2_zps5e132158.jpg
Irfan actually made his own PUSSY cap and when he met her, she told him someone actually stole the original cap!
So Irfan gave his cap to her and she wore it immediately! She's the best.
 photo DSC06600AA2_zpsd5d9da24.jpg  photo DSC06642a2_zps7adb4c6d.jpg
Ehehe, Celeb Cat #2!!!!!

 photo DSC06573aa2B_zps0e33698c.jpg  photo DSC06565aa2_zps408ec069.jpg  photo DSC06548a2_zps5deb6e0f.jpg  photo DSC06574aa2_zps3aa4527b.jpg  photo DSC06581aa2_zps4d9dc756.jpg  photo DSC06591aa2_zps19a683a8.jpg
Ying yang tank and velvet boots, H&M / Cardigan, Cotton On / Spiked backpack, Ivory Jar / Leather shorts, Editor's Market / Sun pendant choker, Taobao 

And here's what I wore to the show - simple and casual. Of course, I chose my velvet boots for uber comfort (I've learnt my lesson from the previous concert I went to in Jan) and my backpack was really handy for holding all my stuff and I didn't have to worry about it hitting anyone.

 photo DSC06584a2_zpsbf87d29a.jpg  photo DSC06587a2_zpsba4d95d0.jpg
And Irfan was such a cutie - he dressed up as Grimes (one of the scenes in her song Genesis)! I am so glad Irfan was a huge fan of her as well and went with me to see her. It probably wouldn't be the same if I went with anyone else. So Irfan, if you are reading this - thanks for being so awesome and making my night even more special. I had so much fun hanging out, moshing and dancing with you :) bbz5eva.


  1. You look awesome! Seems like you had a great time <3

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  2. You look absolutely amazing, especially your top and boots, looks like an amazing gig

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  3. YOU MET GRIMES???? She's so enchanting and magical~


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