Saturday, June 22


Saturday, June 22
In around 3 weeks time, Google Reader will be taken down!!! I follow quite a lot of blogs on it as it's pretty handy to stay updated with all the new posts. Once that is gone, those who follow me with it will not be able to see my posts anymore... And who knows, Google Friend Connect might go too. Argh I finally passed the 200 freaking awesome GFC followers mark recently and I will be sad to see that go away :(

BUT! As the saying goes, when one door closes, another opens. And this newly opened door is called Bloglovin'. Well, it's not a new site but it might be new to some of you! It has a neat, streamlined design that I am sure everyone can appreciate. With all sorts of blogs nicely categorised, the site is really easy to navigate. There's even a liking option on Bloglovin' itself and you can check out the posts that you have liked too! Sharing, commenting and staying updated with your favourite blogs will be a breeze. Time to move over to Bloglovin'!!!! 

1) Create a Bloglovin' account if you haven't already.
3) It would be super awesome if you can follow my blog there!

It sucks to see Google Reader go but thank god for Bloglovin'! So, head on over and let's keep in touch with each other there! I have been working hard on coming up with new stuff for my blog and I've got new blog posts coming up! Watch this space! x 

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