Tuesday, June 25


Tuesday, June 25

Ganja top & choker, c/o Carapherawrztwo / TSR velvet skirt & sling bag, secondhand / Platform boots, weluvmeow / denim top, thrifted 

Speaking of things being bad together, hot and humid weather is at the top of my list. And sadly, I experience that almost every day, save for bleak, rainy days and the crazy haze we had this week. Some days are just too hot for clothes, let alone an oversized denim top! But rolling up your sleeves, tying your outerwear around your waist and have it sashay as you walk around always make things more bearable. Squatting in corner and becoming bffs with a cute cactus helps too!

The lovely babes from Carapherwarztwo (pronounced as care-uh-fur-awwz-too. What does it mean? I would like to know as well.) sent me an awesome care package recently! These gals took it upon themselves to bring in only the coolest stuff there is and all of their items are instocks! Gotta agree with them; there's nothing I hate more than pre-orders (and hot weather). So, check them out, buy something maybe and enhance how cool you already are ;) and stay awesome, everyone!


  1. Great look! Loving your top!

  2. love your shoes!!

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  3. Look gorgeous x



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