Saturday, August 3


Saturday, August 3

Il bel far niente means 'the beauty of doing nothing'.”

 Tank top, H&M / Jacket with pleather sleeves, Cotton On / Spiked backpack, Ivory Jar
Leather shorts, The Editor's Market / Quartz necklace, Amen / Rings - H&M, Diva

Once again, my 3 month-long summer holiday is coming to an end. 3 beautiful months of tv show marathons (Hannibal, Perception, Monk, 2 Broke Girls, Gravity Falls), spending quality time with my sisters & my dog, going on all sorts of adventures on minecraft, catching up with my best friends who are back for the hols, finally getting down to business regarding the mess in my study room, and sleeping a lot. It's been a lovely summer, thus, the appropriate quote for the title of this post.

These photos were taken last week when I met up with Jeslyn for a little bit of thrifting (haul video, soon, maybe?) and we kind of got lost while exploring a quiet, little neighbourhood on a rainy saturday. I wish I lived at such a gorgeous neighbourhood though. Finding a nice backdrop for outfit photos would definitely be a piece of cake.


  1. Ooh you look so lovely, great outfit!
    Lucia's Loves

  2. Love your outfit! I've spent my summer break watching 2 Broke Girls too. I find the script really witty and entertaining. I hope you have a great first week back to school. :)


  3. Ah looks so peaceful ^_^ Your outfit is awesome, I love the thought of doing nothing and just chilling but then when it happens i feel bored...? Idk if you feel the same >.< aha Hope you're okay!

  4. This is a 10 of 10, you look absolutely gorgeous in this outfit. A match made in heaven. WOW


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