Thursday, August 29


Thursday, August 29
Floral top, Young Hungry Free / Pants, H&M / Bag, c/o Jump From Paper / Platform heels, Style Dasher
Wide brim hat, Topshop / Bee necklace, Accessorize / Rings - Diva, Lovisa

Seriously, you guys. How trippy is this bag from Jump From Paper? When I first checked their latest lookbook out, I was so confused and thought, "wHaT iS DiS 3D MAgiC!?" And then, their brand name made so much sense to me. Take a peep at their site - there is so many different bag types, designs and colours to choose from! Of course, boring old me chose the black and white crossbody bag to save myself from the headache of mismatched clothing items. But hey, stripes are such a timeless pattern! I was going for a monochromatic look to match my cute striped friend but I decided to heck it, go floral crazy and tie a 90s knot to keep things fresh.

"PLS st@hp jUdGiNG me i juz want 2 take peekchurz by dis wall ok thank"
Sorry for the major lack of ~*~wolfgypsy action~*~!
School has restarted yet again and it's my degree year! Pretty crazy how time flies and I am stressed out already. Q^Q


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