Monday, March 17


Monday, March 17

tiger shirt and jacket with pleather sleeves, cotton on / leather shorts, the editor's market 
boots and choker, taobao / marion-esque bag, secondhand / rings - diva and h&m

photos by Sheryl Tay

This set of photos was taken by the lovely Sheryl for her school project! She contacted me for an interview and this was what I wore when I met her. It was my first time being interviewed about my blog and it was really exciting. I was decked out in my usual casual, yet edgy get up. I wore my oxblood jacket with pleather sleeves, which is one of my best deals ever (it used to be $60, I got it for $20!!) and is quite the statement piece by itself.

It was a great day and ever since then, Sheryl and I have been good friends! It's pretty awesome how blogging lets me meet all sorts of rad and talented people - both irl and online. I actually got approached by 3 bloggers / instagram friends this week at town!! Feels super surreal to know that people would actually recognise me and say hi. (///*u*///) I even got to hang out with Vernice for the evening (surprisingly, I did not buy anything at the crazy h&m sale) and she's a major sweetheart. I hope I have more awesome opportunities like this in the future! Fingers crossed. x 


  1. Very cool pics and super cool outfit too
    Good job!



    hehe very glad to have met you too. :) lemme shoot you next time & hang out tgt soon yeaa <3 <3 - and pass ya chokers hehe

    btw i have a mishka cap too >w<


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