Saturday, December 20


Saturday, December 20


With less than a week left to Christmas, I figured there's no better time to procrastinate even more on xmas shopping share my little wishlist for December! You know how I love being decked out in black but sometimes, nothing beats a crisp all-white outfit, especially during this time of the year.

Oh, if only Singapore wasn't situated so close to the Equator. Then I wouldn't melt from the crazy hot weather and people won't think I am crazy for wearing this out. Just thinking of the ways I could dress this baby up — go black on black with a crop top and leather pants / a slip dress with lace trimmings / a beat up band tee with some cut off shorts ... ugh (broken heart emoji) ok I really need this.

I am sure y'all feel me when there are days where I am just so lazy and want to be a burrito in bed. If I do eventually stumble out of my bed, dressing up all fancy will the last thing on my mind. I love how Shop Inu Inu's tees are simple yet oh so cute! Gotta give 'em some brownie points for the nice play on the nike logo and the effortless sportsluxe vibes.

Not gonna lie, I am a sucker for lovely lingerie and sadly, I don't own any at the moment. But still, I love the idea of how, much like having an on point outfit, make up and badass shoes, wearing gorgeous or sexy intimates can also empower you and make you feel like you can accomplish anything!

Okay, so this isn't white but hey, it's close enough for me and absolutely perfect for this christmas season! The fluffy collar adds such a sweet and fun feel to this crop top too. Just throw on a sleek, pencil skirt or a pair of high waisted denim jeans and you are good to go.

I know everyone has this skirt and it has been raved about for months now but I couldn't help but fall in love with it! It has such a sweet, baby doll vibe to me. It reminds me of those cute anime school girl skirts too. 

What is a wish list on this blog without a pair of chunky shoes? If I ever post one without any, please hold an intervention for me because something has gone terribly wrong. Anyway, back to the shoes - they are so lovely and imagine pairing them with cute printed socks!!! *u*

This bag is so perfect, I don't think there's much for me to say. That minimalistic design, the matte white finish, the hardware on the edges — just... perfection in the form of a backpack. 
You know how I love my chunky platform but some days, comfort > style, yknow? I'm usually so committed to my platforms or boots that they are all I ever wear out! But if I were to ever add a sneaker to my shoe collection, this would be it. I have been lusting over these beauties for ages but never really made it a point to get it yet. I think it would be a whole different story if I ever visit a Nike store and try it on. Maybe that day will come soon in 2015...

My boyfriend once asked what kind of flowers I like and I know this isn't exactly the right answer but, I answered, "Cacti." So, what better way to show my love for these lil plant bbs than to have them on a shirt! Like I have said earlier, Inu Inu's designs are too cute I just want them alllll.  

 And that's it for my wish list. I will try to have this as a regular thing on the blog. A girl can never run out of things she wants, am I right? So I hope you enjoy and maybe gain some inspirations and find new things to get for yourself/a loved one! 


  1. ahh yes! this is a good wishlist, and i am also obsessed with the white tennis skirt! ughhhh!! It's just like so perfect?!?! and all the faux fur in the world is what I want in my life.. but ok so opposite of you, its too cold where I live to wear most faux fur jackets - you need a down jacket.. haha like I have a few faux fur jackets but they are better for warmer weather cuz its TOO COOLD here to not be like 8000% bundled up haha. idk if that even makes sense to someone from a warm place, that it could be too cold for a faux fur coat. haha. <3 <3 I love you. oh and also i shopped WAY too last minute. hahaha

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed my wishlist, babe! Ahhh I feel like I need this cute tennis skirt in white, black, lilac, everything!!! And lucky you, I wish it gets cold here in Singapore but the most we are gonna get is the monsoon seasons.. :'D It was SO hot yesterday and then it rained during the afternoon today! I don't think I can last a day in cold weather. The key is to stock up on thermals, I heard.
      And awww, I lurve you long tiem bbygurl. ♡

  2. The t-shirts are so cute! I'm also in love with the sandals!
    Nice blog, dear! Your header is amazing! ^-^


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