Sunday, September 6


Sunday, September 6


TAOBAO sweater & choker, THE SCARLETROOM velvet skirt, H&M holographic bag
CHOIES garter leggings, PULL & BEAR socks, YRU Qozmos multi

I can't think of a better outfit to show just how fired up I am about getting back to blogging. Gotta love a sweater that everyone can easily interpret how I feel about the hot weather. Singapore, I'm burnin' up for you, baby. ♫ I may look like I'm melting in this sweater but with the AC constantly blasting in the studio and lecture hall at school, it was a blessing in disguise because I was all warm and toasty. And just when I thought I'm all out of puns, my schoolmates proved me wrong with renditions of that popular line from that popular Alicia Keys song and references to Katniss Everdeen.

This outfit is also featured in my very first Style Diary video! Check it out:

Other outfits featured — FLOWER BOMB and SEEING DOTS (last two coming soon)

Why Style Diary instead of the usual ones you see on youtube that goes, "(Insert Season here) Lookbook"? Well, it makes my life easier but mostly because I feel like it's pointless since we don't get the same kind of seasonal changes here and I don't typically dress according to seasons anyway. While it may be hot and humid 24/7, that doesn't stop me from layering a little and styling these outfits! Even though I end up melting every time I step out of the house, at least I am a lump of goo wearing cute outfits. n__n


  1. Seeing flame print itself makes me think about fat ugly heavy dudes -but it looks amazing on a stylish girl like you! :) <3 makes me want to own clothing in that print too :D

    I love the way you styled the jumper too! The pony detail is awesome <3
    Aw, yes! You are a perfect Katniss in this outfit!!

    1. (oops sorry late reply!) Aw, shucks, you are too sweet! You totally get a flame print sweater too! <3 Haha sadly the weather is too hot to wear sweaters at times ;___;

  2. You look amazing and fabulous and I cry and drown in my tears everytime I see your styles. AND THE SHOES oh my god, I died.
    :D Big fan of you and your works of art! *aka YouTube videos and how you style your clothes, etc.


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