Monday, December 21


Monday, December 21

I have always loved December. Not just because of the festivities at the end of the month, but the cool and rainy weather that comes with the monsoon season. It gives me the perfect opportunity to finally bust out my favourite outerwear and pretend for a moment that I am not in Singapore — which is otherwise impossible during the other months of the year. 

But this year, I am extra excited because my family decided to take a much needed vacation to Taiwan! I could not wait to plan my day-by-day winter outfits I had always envisioned myself wearing. However, I quickly ran into a problem — with only one luggage bag for myself, it seemed like an impossible feat to pack both my necessities and what I had in mind.

Fortunately, I ended up gaining inspiration from the various articles on Zalora's fashion community to solve my packing dilemma. From articles on the latest winter trends seen on the runway to packing tips for winter destinations (a write up I found especially useful), one can find almost anything that caters to their needs.

I have spent so much time reading through all the different articles that I actually sidetracked from my packing! 
Gotta go — adventure awaits in Taiwan! 

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