Thursday, July 21

4:49 AM (this week so far)

Thursday, July 21

☀ And my hair is still wet because I got out of shower an hour ago.
☀ I felt rather productive earlier - I feel like staying away from the internet and make the effort to sort out the mess at my table/room. Still feeling guilty from not doing much during my summer break! I NEED to go to Ikea but my parents are always so lazy/busy during the weekends!
☀ Recent outfit post + more photos tomorrow!
☀ Got home to a huge mess made by Princess Fifi + she haven't bathed for a week so, I bathed her at 9 pm today! I have never bathed her this late before.. There's always this silly "the dog must be bathed in the afternoon so she won't be cold or the sunlight will dry her properly" theory going on in my head. But I trimmed her fur and she is clean and looks like a puppy again!
☀ my jaw hurts i don't know why ow ow ow
☀ time of the month is making me overly-emotional. i miss him but he doesn't and will never care
☀ super exciting: some of my online buys are arriving soon!!
☀ oh god and i am still planning to get 3 more items, my money is flying away~
☀ Thanks to the seduction of online shopping, I missed today's desperate housewives (s7) ep!
☀ Watched Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows 2 again today (sniffles)
☀ Kind of feeling all tensed and 'messed up' inside. I feel like crying :(

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