Saturday, July 16

Harry Potter marathons

Saturday, July 16

15 July: What a cold and chilly night it's been! Really loving it and I can't wait to snuggle in my bed! Kind of regretting that I am still not asleep yet (it's 6:39 am now omg) but there's so much to do!! Recently, I have been at my bestfriend's house having Harry Potter movie marathons! It was so awesome rewatching them one after another and very sad too. AND! I am watching Deathly Hallows 2 later in the day! Excited but I know I am going to cry my eyes out and flood the cinema. :'(

+ + Year 1 at school is starting soon. My major is Fine Arts Painting! I am really nervous and scared though... I hope I can get the hang of being back in school soon & do well! For now, I am just gonna embrace what's left of my holidays, try to pack my mess in my room & study room (feeling super guilty about it; my holiday is almost over!!), hopefully make a trip to Ikea for dinner and some shopping, and wait for my online shoppings to arrive! Hehe!


  1. omggg you live at my old neighborhood! anyway just wanted to say that your style is gorgeous (:


  2. Jackie: Hello there!!! And whoa!!! What a coincidence!! And awww, thank you so much!! (blush) Your blog is lovely, by the way!


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