Monday, September 19


Monday, September 19

asymmetrical shirt iloveanything,
thrifted fringed vest, thrifted tribal knitted leggings, quilted turquoise bag rubi,
cross necklace this is transition, tooth & feather necklace local stores,
alexander wang-esque frankie creepers online

I am pretty sure it's the combination of my white shirt and taupe fringed vest that gives off this desert expedition vibe. It might not be the best attire but I would definitely wear this out to one, actually! I have always wanted to be an archaeologist since I was a little girl. And I decided to be spontaneous with the leggings, have matching bracelets and I wore my AWang-esque creepers to add some extra edginess. You can't really see but I have a ladybug hairband and a bronze raven skull ring on!

A lot of people, especially my lovely friends from lookbook, have been leaving comments and tweeting me, asking what happened because I haven't been updating my lookbook... And I just realised my last post was 21 days ago! I didn't know it was that long! :'(

Well, I have been really busy with school. Two weeks ago, I had to prepare a presentation for my Art History class on fake art! It was nerve-wrecking but my teacher is rather strict and know all the facts well so we were afraid to mess up! But me and my partner totally nailed the presentation (I actually showed my AWang boots in the slides as part as ...imitation goods...) and even my teacher said it was a very good presentation! And last week, I had a 1000 word essay to write for my Art Theory class. AND I somehow sprained my right ankle last wednesday and have been away from school until now. I am fine now; there's just this tinsy winsy pain at times.

You guys can always add me on twitter or tumblr. I update them very frequently!

ginger snaps and frappes

Oh yes, I recently felt adventurous and finally, after approx 3 years, changed my tumblr theme. I tweaked the codes and I like it a lot now. I will probably stick to it for now. I don't usually like such blog layouts but I felt a need for some change. And I do not regret it at all - it's really fun for me to see all my posts all together. Do check out my tumblr out and say hi, okay? :)

School's out for the week but I will be heading back to school to catch up on work. I start to feel lazy just thinking about it but I must not slack off! I will update wolfgypsy with photos from school soon! xx


  1. i love everything about this look gorgeous! the asymmetrical hem, printed leggings, cross necklace all fit together so nicely :)
    its so great to see you posting again lovely! :D
    hope everything has settled down a bit for you - that all sounds like so much to handle =o

    jessie x

    the weekend project/

  2. you're back! lovely outfit- the tights are so chic :) and your dog is so adorable ahhhh sorry i'm a total sucker for cute animals! <333

  3. I think I might be in love with your leggins ~ great outfit :D

  4. OMG! I think i have crush on you! lol. so lately i've become a boho lover and i don't even remember how I found this blog. I love your style!
    Would you take me to thrift store in singapore when I come there? I read in some singaporean blogs that they said there's not much treasure can find in singaorean flea market. But why I don't believe that when I saw this post?

  5. Jessie: Hello my sweet!! Thank you so so much for your lovely comment as usual! I am glad you like this outfit!! And well, things haven't exactly settled down for me. So much more projects & one more essay and presentation to go!!! :(

    Ananda: Thank you so so much, sweetheart!!!!! I really appreciate it!! :) x

    Jackie: Yes yes I am back!!!! I didn't realised it was so long since my last post!!! Too much work going on that I lost track of the days! Thank you thank you, darling!!! <3 Hehe my dog Fifi says Hi to you! :D

    Mariane: Hello there!!! Haha thank you!!! Glad you like my leggings! :)

    Pretty Muffin: Hello there you cute little muffin! <3 Awwww! You're making me blush, darling! >__< Thank you so so much!!! I never got such a sweet compliment like that before!!! (virtual hugs & cookies) And yes, I would love to bring you to thrift stores when you visit!!! I can't wait; it sounds like fun!! Well, sometimes there aren't a lot of things to find at some fleas - that's why I choose to go for only certain flea market events! I've got a keen eye for treasure!!! Hehe! (Look out for my next post! I went to another flea market recently & I got more great treasures!!)

  6. cheryl dear, this outfit inspired my latest outfit post! heh, i thought you should know :D
    and oh no :( i hope your essay and presentation went well?

    jessie x
    the weekend project.

  7. Great outfit darlin :)


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