Thursday, December 1

♢ PRAIRIE W☼LF ♢ - Photo shoot part 1

Thursday, December 1

Oakham Market galaxy tank, Oversized oatmeal cardigan, thrifted Triangle clutch,
Wnderlust Sable sheer asymmetrical skirt, Maxi skirt disguised as a shawl,
Assorted necklaces, Oxford wedges Jeffrey Campbell

♢ Street style outfits photographed by Jasmine Renée Teo

Prairie Wolf - also known as a coyote.
The name "coyote" is borrowed from Mexican Spanish coyote, ultimately derived from the Nahuatl word
scientific name, Canis latrans, means "barking dog" in Latin.

Aren't coyotes beautiful?

In October, I made a short post about helping my friend Jasmine to model for her street style fashion project! It was my first time modeling in a semi-serious way so I was super nervous.. It turned out to be quite fun to be all nicely dressed up and catwalk in the middle of crowded streets!

The colour of my netted cardigan is such a lovely shade of taupe! Not sure why, but I was instantly reminded me of coyotes in the desert. Thus, I decided to stick to the desert coyote theme because that's how I usually am. Always going on about animals. And yes, Jasmine was sneaky and used my pleated skirt as a shawl! You will definitely recognise the skirt in the next photo shoot post, so stay tuned for more! ♡♡

And a funny thing happened: a few days after my tiny modeling stint, a guy texted me, asking if I was interested in modeling and told me to email a tv company! I was surprised and very hesitant because I wasn't sure if it was legit. And he said he got my number from another guy at a Photography convention!? HOW DODGY IS THAT!??! I don't even know who gave out my number! In the end, I turned him down nicely, also because I've got no experience and time to take up that job. But it was funny how his text was so coincidental.



  1. ehhhhh wut wut wut. the modelling thing sounds cool but at the same time... yeah totally dodgy! you should ask him who gave him the number!

  2. Nichole: WOW! It is so awesome to receive a comment from you! Thank you so much!!!

    Diane: Aww thank you, sweetheart! :)

    Jackie: IKR I actually was pretty excited when he asked!! The email he told me to email was actually xin msn's!!!!! I was thinking, WTF!!?!?! So dodgy still!! I did ask! He said he couldn't remember the guy's name -__-;

  3. ahh that is little strange :| good thing you didn't risk it i guess
    but with this you look like a natural i'm sur eyou'll have heaps more modelling offers soon cheryl dear! hehe ;)
    jessie x
    the weekend project.

  4. Oh I love this! Love the combination of everything :)


  5. Cheryl I love the layers and the diferent lenghts and the sunnies are really cool touch! Love this look so much!x

  6. JESSIE: yeah it was so weird and out of the blue! the person who texted me didn't sound very professional either.. Thank God I didn't risk it!

    PITA: Hello there and thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear that! :) x

    VICTORIA: Thank you soo much, gorgeous! I'm glad the layers worked out in the end! Thank you for your kind words! xx


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