Monday, December 5

"Please take me with you" :(

Monday, December 5

I am heading to BALI todaaaaaay! I am so excited! My bags are somewhat packed (aka my stuff are on the floor ahaha) and we are leaving for the airport in the afternoon. I love that being-at-the-airport feeling and knowing that you are flying off is even better! Feels great to leave the country to a new place! We will be gone until the 11th and most likely going water rafting, to a water theme park, snorkeling and I'm not sure what else! And there's breakfast buffetssssss hehehehe so exxxciting! One person who's not so excited will be my dog Fifi. She has to stay at my grandparents' house and she will be sad :( I hope she doesn't escape my grandparents' house (she did that twice)!
I'm most likely able to do Bali updates on my Twitter! I will be back with lots of photos!
See you soon, little wolves x


  1. i love that one ring your wore withe multiple bands with chains. It's very cool! it would be really nice in gold too...kinda like this one from etsy-

    1. Hello there! Haha you know what... I am actually trying to remember if I have any rings like that! I can't remember.. I haven't been wearing a lot of rings out too... But that ring from the etsy link is sooo lovely!! Thank you for sharing it with me! Wish I have the money for it!


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