Wednesday, July 4


Wednesday, July 4
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Chiffon top, The Scarlet Room & Denim vest, LY's / Tribal shorts, H&M / Shades, The Cobra shop / Gretta lookalikes, online / Necklaces, Topshop & Amen

Along with LY's chiffon top and this super awesome spunky neon pink tribal shorts, this outfit is just screaming, "BOHEMIAN! SUMMER! ICE LOLLIES! SUN!" Threw on a denim vest to add in an extra spunk and well, everything looks cooler with denim, right? Of course, this is not beach-volley-ball-friendly with the unexpected chunky heels (unless you take them off!). Technically, it's almost always summer here in Singapore. So this is a casual bohemian outfit that would look good worn to school, to town, to barbecues, beach parties, anywhere!

And can I just say that I really love the 1st photo of myself? Okay.

Crop top & bagpack, Topshop / Denim dress, thrifted / Socks, Uniqlo / Maryjanes & shades, Bugis street

LY never cease to amaze me with her interesting outfit ideas.
She always come up with such cute layered outfits! I also like how her top and socks are grey, giving her outfit pieces some consistency.

Haha, and here's my little summer playlist. Well, okay maybe they are not the best songs to represent summer. They are just a compilation of some happy, upbeat songs that I like. And, I'm just gonna put it out there that, lol yes, my youtube username is 'gothicalolita'. HAHAHA it's a random thing I came up with years ago and thought, "AWWYEA, that rhymed."


  1. perfect!

    Maybe wanna follow each other?

  2. I think I fell in love with your shoes and these pink shorts.. just amazing :)
    followed ♥

    would you mind following eachother?

  3. Love your mary janes, I have been meaning to get a pair of black or red mary jane docs FOREVER they are so awesome.

    1. You should get one, hon! I can totally imagine you wearing a pair!! You will look so cute! x

  4. you have nice gams, cherylwolf! and ive told you this before, i loveeee your shoes! :)



    1. aww shucks, vanessa! you are making me blush!! ♡


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