Saturday, September 29


Saturday, September 29
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Got a proposal due on sunday night and an essay to complete but LOL NO, let's jazz up this new notebook at 5 in the morning! 
Easy peasy lemon squeezey. Just a little bit of DIY action with some magazine cut outs, glue & procrastination.
I always get into the groove of doing my work at the wrong timings - when I actually have to sleep.
Ugh, every time there is an essay to complete, I am reminded of this video, because this is me. That is how I am like.
I know. I am terrible. ♫꒰⚫͈◡⚫̤꒱♫ 


  1. Good luck with your school work! The notebook looks amazing!

    1. Aw thank you, Audrey!!! Le sigh, kinda drowning in my work currently!!

  2. i like coming here! youre always upbeat and i love love love your topshop bralet. anbd the things that keep us awake! hahaha maybe i should blog about that, too! you and LY are my fave SG girls :)

    hugs and sunshines from the philippines,



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