Sunday, April 14


Sunday, April 14

Here's my sleepy pineapple tart Fifi waving hello to you beautiful people, on behalf for me. 
She will be here, manning my blog and waving at anyone who visits for the next two weeks! 

Assessment is here.  (cue for dramatic thunder effects at your window)
So many final projects are due this week. I am dying on the inside. And all I want to do is sleep and eat spaghetti & pizzas. I am having doubts about my own work recently and that is not a good thing when assessment is less than a week away. On the other hand, it still feels super weird that all this craziness is about to be over so soon. Fingers crossed that I will pull through and everything will go well for the next two weeks.

^ gratuitous gif of myself for the next 2 weeks
I wish I got some Ben & Jerrys to eat my feelings away but there's no time for that too.

For now, I'm mostly active on instagram!!! So, head over, check it out and see if I'm still alive :'D 


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