Tuesday, May 21


Tuesday, May 21

Proof that I am still alive. And this Vine post explains exactly why in just 6 seconds. So yep, I have been tackling lists after lists of narrowed down photos (and lots of chores, watching Monk, minecraft and sleeping in between). Can I just post them all? I might. My sister aka my awesome photographer just takes too much photos sometimes that I just....cry. But just watch this space, okay? I have lots of new outfits to post!! ^__^ Really. I do.
And oh, don't stare at the position of my hand in this photo for too long because I did that and it looks weird to me even though it's not.

Also, have you seen my last post?? I am having a fabulous giveaway and you should join if you haven't already!!!
Sadly, I think this prize would only be valid if 50 people signed up so... WHAT ARE YA WAITING FOR???

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