Monday, March 30


Monday, March 30

I am in love with Shophouse Sixtyfive's lip balms! Created with lots of love and care by Petrina, these lip balms evoke a sense of old school nostalgia and Singapore's rich culture. Also, it is always important to support small, local and, especially, women-run businesses! 

The lip balms are so moisturizing and smells absolutely yummy! Sentosa Island is citrus flavoured and smells very sweet. And Coffeeshop Kopi O is my current fav — seriously, what better way to show my love for anything coffee related than to have them on my lips as well! 

They are all lovingly handmade with only the best, natural ingredients used. With ingredients such as beeswax, olive oil, vitamin E and natural essential oils — they are all made with the well-being of your skin/lips in mind! Head on over to Shophouse Sixtyfive's website where Petrina lists out each ingredient and why she uses them! I honestly like how clear and transparent she is about it. This way, you know exactly what goes into these products and how they are beneficial for you.

And they only cost SG$9.50! If you buy a set of any two, it is $16.80! Other than yourself, it is definitely perfect for anyone who is a foodie or even a sweet gift for any family and friends who are living overseas to remind them of home!

Check out Shophouse Sixtyfive! Like them on facebook and follow their instagram to stay updated! 

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