Saturday, March 7


Saturday, March 7
And not just any regular unboxing videos!

Hello! If you don't already know, surprise surprise I have a *✲゚* YOUTUBE CHANNEL *✲゚*!
 I have been working hard on a couple of videos and I can't wait to post them up! It would be lovely if you all stick around and subscribe! Also, let me know if there's anything you would like to see.

  Back to the videos! Here are my unboxings of a monthly subscription service called Loot Crate. I am sure many of you are familiar with the many beauty subscription boxes out there but here's the twist - Loot Crate is perfect for all geeks and gamers! Each month's box is under a different theme and with super rad goodies like shirts, merchandise, comics, posters, stickers, candy etc — it's basically Christmas every month!! It is USD $13.37 per month (L33T geddit) and everything you get in each box worth so much more than that so check it out! Anyone here who is already subscribed to Loot Crate or are interested in subscribing after this? Let me know!

And if you head over to my boyfriend's channel, we have been recently doing unboxings of another subscription service called Arcade Block! It is everything game related and we have gotten loads of cool stuff so far! Head on over and see what we got! x

Anyway, for those who have wondered how I sound like, you won't be kept wide awake late at night wondering no more. I hope my awkwardness and excited high pitched squeals don't scare you all away... 
pls don't run away, let me love you

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